With Dr. Marilou McIntyre

 Do not hesitate to help yourself or give the gift of
healing to a loved one. You will be delighted and happy. Try it!


 “I had a terrible skin ailment which flared up and seemed to come and go at well. I had an Individual Regression with Marilou. I have benefitted by this in that I rid myself of fear and guilt I have carried with me for many lifetimes. I am aware that I must forgive.  Thank you, Marilou.”  Kathi C., Alaska


“I had problems with men, self-esteem, money and sex. My life was a mess. By regressing with Marilou to several life times I was able to release these errors in thinking, realized a healing and shift in behavior.” Rev. Merriam H., Binghamton, N.Y.


“The past life’s experienced gives me hope of a possibility of a healthy sex life without the fears now experienced. Solutions given by Marilou lead the way to that fulfillment.” Ellen S., Miami Beach


“Why am I leery/afraid of seeing ghosts/spirits? My regression showed me the importance of my true feelings and not to suppress them. I am no longer afraid thanks to Marilou’s help.” Anna, M.S.


“Thanks to her knowledge and understanding I was tremendously and effectively helped. So, I am pleased to say I will not hesitate to come to Rev. McIntyre again or if needed feel confident in recommending my family or friends to her for her so very needed service. I will be forever grateful.” Alicia, Florida


“The greatest benefit to me occurred on a personal level to transmute karma and gain strength through a Group Regression led by Marilou M. I now feel an immense sense of joy and freedom, and intense desire to move forward…. into my future with complete confidence.”  Sherri W., Anchorage


“Through Marilou’s regression with me I was shown a lifetime where I died of a broken heart and loneliness. It has allowed me to move past these feelings in this lifetime and realize that it was from the past and does not relate to this lifetime. I experienced a tremendous release.”  Rebecca L.S., Anchorage


“I had fear of success, death, heights and attachment to mother. I was a mess. After regression I felt joy and peace. A feeling of confidence knowing my financial success is coming and nothing can stop it. I feel loved and safe-all fear is gone.” Ann M.


“My life was filled with anxiety/tension causing post-nasal drip and coughing.  During my regression, I had a traumatic death involving coughing from smoke and burning. Those physical problems are now left behind. I  breathe easier now. I  recognize my breathing is physically different. My lungs feel like they are the vast ocean with limitless fresh air contained in the open space.  God Bless you Marilou for your help.” George W., Austin


 “My fear of failure manifests itself as “analysis paralysis” and unwillingness to “take the plunge”…During the regression with Marilou I had strong feelings of the abuse of power and money. I realized the need to shrink that image and get on with the direction of my life that will bring me ‘success'”.  Tom E., Anchorage


“I had fear of home invasion. Had huge release of built-up anger and sadness. My fear is gone. Thank you.” Gena, Seattle


“ I feel I always have to fail a task before passing, whether spiritual or professional.  Thanks to the patience shown me by Marilou during an Individual Regression I saw and felt all that happened and most of all I truly felt the release of anxiety.” Mary L.R., Anchorage


“I wanted to find out about past-life’s that may help me in this one.  Being able to let go of past life situations that caused pain to ones I loved and cared about and gaining insight today about it eases the pain I’ve carried into this lifetime.”  Shawn P., Anchorage


“I have finished my first reading of the The Forever Principles. You have changed my life once again. My physical being has changed. My mind has physically opened in size and depth. New brain cells have formed and I feel the opening of new centers of the brain that have opened to God and the Universe. I know this due to any negativity that encounters me, it affects this opening and sometimes I feel it close. Then by way of meditation and affirmation it opens again. With my new found knowledge there is hope, guidelines, and the reinforced knowing; I am not alone. My life has changed knowing my physical origins, knowing of the missing ‘morality key’, and know that the egotist responsible for the amoral behavior in us all actually sat for you, Marilou, and you gave him a past life reading.”  June, Miami