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This book has the answers from an angelic being telepathically coming though the author, Dr. Marilou McIntyre or “typewriter” as the angel “Forever” calls her. The author has investigated metaphysical concepts and the occult for decades in her search for God and spiritual guidance and wisdom after raising four children before this link happened.

The Forever Principles is a fun self-help book as well as “What If?” Use the information to contact your inner spiritual vibration to improve your life and find ideas to consider about exterior concepts of reality. Be in control of your future—this book shows you how to in a humorous way. For instance: ‘Forever’ tells us: “Sometimes we must overcome misinformation and dogma before we can move into realms of knowing.” Also she reminds us to have chocolate every day.

Here are some special words from Forever to make your day brighter and better:


        The most important thing to realize to successfully create change and improve one’s abilities  and the quality of life is that you don’t have to know the cause of a problem to solve it. If a hurricane damages your house, you don’t have to know the cause of the hurricane to realize you must   fix your home. It’s the same for human nature. Once you realize you have a problem with  interpersonal relationships or competency, for instance, you are on your way to solving it.

“At the end of the day are you proud of who you are and what you have done?”  F.

I was reminded to tell you this. The first step in achieving self-awareness is, as my guru used to say, “Awake to dream no more.” It’s easy to blame others for your problems and shortcomings. However, eventually each person must realize they are responsible for themselves—their lifestyle, personality, success or failure, and physical and emotional health.
This works: Look in the mirror. What do you see? Never mind disheveled hair or crooked teeth; do you see yourself as a perfect image of God, or what you imagine perfection to be? Until you can, you must love yourself more; see the love radiating from your eyes. If you can’t see it, you should be able to feel it. Get rid of anything blocking that image from your vision. Get to know the perfected being you truly are. Be joyous and control the direction of your life here and hereafter through your thoughts and choices.


Refuse to automatically react to situations, but consciously act upon them! A good place to start determining your consciousness is to make an inventory list of your actions and reactions. Come to your own conclusions from your list, according to your lifestyle.
If any are presently affecting you in a negative way start the healing with a good meditation. Clear your mind and get in touch with your higher being, your super-consciousness. In this state of intense tranquility, objectively read the list. This may trigger the activation of a memory or situation from one or more past lives. The very least that can happen to you is that you may be guided to a means of releasing a problem or help you consider that there is a reason for any problem or distasteful situation you are currently contending with.
The important thing to know is that you can conquer and heal anything that is not of your divine nature. Often the medical profession cannot determine what causes physical or emotional problems or how to heal them, because there is no logical or explainable reason if it is from a past life. That’s why doctors have a Practice!


To see a 2 minute film depicting Forever’s knowledge of the planet’s creation go to    Remember, seeing is believing!

We are-permanently progressing even though at times, it may seem the Light is dim.  It never dims within when Gratitude and Praise for Our Cosmic Creator is always uppermost in Mind.






9780983365099_Life_is_Forever-2-162x267INTRODUCTION to:


Proof of survival after bodily death documented!


LIFE IS FOREVER-GET USED TO IT/Helping Others Through Thirty Years of Psychic Research Revealed by MARILOU McINTYRE, Ph.D

The awakening of consciousness made it necessary to release dogma and erroneous concepts from previous exposure to orthodoxy. Those based in faith and hope only, were changed into truths revealed and became the focus of my life. Creating a void in consciousness by the clearing process necessitates filling it with information of a higher and truer nature Like re-programming a computer, the first step is to delete error from every cell of my being and see it flushed away, then replace that data with principles of truth. The reader sees this is a painless process, time-consuming but beneficial.

Within this book are facts dealing with the following subjects:

  1. There are guardian angels that help.
  2. There is a higher source of knowledge to link into.
  3. Universal laws of Karma and Reincarnation are scientifically presented.
  4. Difference between religion and spirituality, transcending religion.
  5. How to use free-will choice to achieve mastery of life.
  6. How to overcome aging, disease, and death.

Moving into what seemed like a twilight area of life a change in consciousness began developing throughout my being; this caused structural changes to happen from my head to my toes. Curled toes straightened, the bone in my forehead separated, leaving a gap under the skin, and hours later re-materialized newly shaped. Also, personality changes for the better became evident.

Visualizing and affirming perfection created change within by releasing falsehoods and imperfections ingrained within human nature. Proving that thoughts are things blasts open one’s heart and mind. After exploring ways to test and prove that thoughts are things and control the direction and events in each life, Miracles explains how a person can program himself or herself to achieve their highest potential in health, wealth and happiness in life.

Putting this concept to many tests, it always proves true. It becomes obvious that each person is the sum total of every experience in every lifetime he or she ever had. By clearing past traumas and errors from the subconscious and reinforcing right behavior and positive friendships, full potentials can be realized.

Advice received during readings or séances helped open my consciousness and improve the quality of my life as a person. Like the time I had a private meeting with my master teacher through Reverend Rhinehart. He fully materialized and told me the need to discipline my children better. He pointed out they are my responsibility, not my property, and went into detail how to prepare them to live in this world. From then on, I tried to guide them as best I could. They grew into loving adults. Many times personal advice helped me solve problems.

To provide testimony and proof of KMR’s genuineness, this book explores various public demonstrations. One of many covered is an extraordinary demonstration of phenomena televised to thousands by Reverend Rhinehart in Japan in 1958, and are detailed for the curious and the skeptic. This book explains the extensive test conditions imposed on Reverend Rhinehart prior to the demonstrations, such as his being tied hand and foot to a fraud-proof chair, and monitored with electrodes to his brain. Incredible messages came through the medium for the attending scientists, investigators and professors, some transmitted in ancient dialects. Phenomena of apportation of hundreds of gems and levitation were viewed also. How this happens is beyond one’s grasp, but the result is obviously paranormal and real. This is the first book to relate to the fetes of my guru, my friend for over thirty years, and to honor this humble man, the physical phenomenon and mission to help humanity.

Through this sharing it is intended to help anyone who is looking for ways to solve problems, the meaning of life, and have its mysteries revealed to enhance and prolong life. As we become more harmonious with natural laws, opportunities open in our lives. The biggest problems are fear, sorrow, or insecurity. These also cause aging. The last frontier in life is to overcome fear of death by knowing the soul does not die. Ancient teachings, even before the Bible, tell us life is forever. As mysteries are revealed and proof given, a person can find his/her true nature and accept immortality as reality. Then one overcomes fear and links with eternal essence forever.

Over the years pertinent questions were often asked regarding various aspects of life and spiritual development. These pages provide answers (from divinely communicated knowledge) for the curious and the truth seeker. The key to improving the quality of one’s life is using genuine knowledge of life and understanding all the dimensions in the world that exist. Examples of how to use the knowledge and achieve spiritual serenity, health and opulence are spelled out clearly for the truth seeker as a guideline to ultimately achieving perfection and conscious immortality.

These are some of the questions answered to enhance one’s life:

  • Is there a God?
  • Who are the real ascended masters?
  • What happens when we die?
  • What are soul mates?
  • How can poverty consciousness be overcome?

Once during a séance an elderly woman swooned and had no pulse, indicating her heart had stopped. We thought her dead. But she returned to life. With the vibrations of masters and a group effect of sending energy to her body, she regained consciousness and had no ill effects. This makes one wonder what is death. Is it when a person just gives up? The truth is, life is forever, not just for a while. We must hold on to life tenaciously and joyously. If we accept fear of death, then death is inevitable in our consciousness and we are bound to experience it. Not because it is true, as it is not a reality of life, but because we have accepted that destiny in our lives. Life is forever, and we can achieve longevity and even immortality with right thought and right action.

Experiencing the materialized presence of departed loved ones and ascended masters during séances for thirty years, as I have, certainly confirmed in my consciousness that life is forever. If others can accept the truth of my story, their consciousness and reality can also expand. That is my fondest wish….

There were over five hundred delegates present from around the world. Some of the incredible highlights that took place were duplications of some of Jesus’ miracles, such as changing water into wine, materializing objects out of thin air or through the medium’s body (the multiplication of matter), and flesh and blood materializations in full light. (During his career, this medium duplicated every miracle credited to Christ Jesus except walking on water.) In addition, there were over one hundred pounds of huge faceted yellow stones apported into the séance room. Another occasion was when a master materialized in full light, and while he gave a lecture, we watched his beard grow at least seven inches in ten minutes. An archangel materialized as the grand finale. We saw the (umbilical) cord of ectoplasm from the medium’s mouth connected to the materialized archangel, which he used to create the flesh-and-blood body. The picture of this phenomenon is worth more than a thousand words and gives empirical proof to the world that these great beings exist and verify the spiritual essence of Reverend Rhinehart and his divine mission. World religions have been established with far less proof and evidence to substantiate genuineness of divine source. Everyone returned home knowing they had been touched by the heart and mind of God, and their lives were forever changed.

Life Is Forever is written for the curious, skeptic, or sincere truth seeker of all ages. Anyone seeking to improve meaning and purpose in his/her life can benefit. Truth really does set you free. The book can help anyone grow through experiences in spiritually unfolding, finding that it is possible to reverse the aging process, accepting responsibility for one’s destiny, and achieving financial opulence. Over thirty years of research and change have enabled me to lecture around the world. The seminars I’ve led have covered areas of health, wealth, and happiness. The world is in turmoil now. The turmoil is within and must be cleansed. It can be done for those with the eyes to see and the ears to hear. Those who can learn from my experiences can avoid serious problems for themselves and focus on achieving great things instead. Then we will know heaven on earth.

There is no other book delving into the life and career of the world’s most scientifically researched and documented physical phenomena adept medium, Reverend Keith Milton Rhinehart. He should be heralded as a great spiritual leader and honored for bringing us the knowledge to overcome taboos, fears, and erroneous concepts. That is the purpose for sharing the history of this humble, remarkable man and how he helped thousands around the world and me to grow in spirituality and happiness. I learned it is better to know than not to know. The search for truth is a wondrous adventure, and the reward is sacred. Through this knowledge I have been able to help others overcome problems and receive answers to questions, enabling men and women to lift the veil of mysteries, solve them and become one with their divine essence. I intend to continue lectures and counseling. This is my gift to share. God Bless you on your journey. You have been guided to this book as a stepping-stone to a wondrous future.

Loving every minute of life and everyone around you continually reinforces life and helps achieve immortality. My true-life story is an adventure into realms of the to learn about life, here and hereafter. This never ending quest to get answers that enhance the meaning of life and help others achieve purpose and contentment continues. Both the skeptic and the truth seeker can glimpse new worlds through my experiences. Surviving and sending love to the world is the greatest gift, but the hardest to receive.

After searching unsuccessfully for the meaning of life and the link with divine intelligence, or God, a mysterious stranger answered my pleas. He introduced me to a genuine medium, or psychic, who answered all my questions. My skepticism drove me to research phenomena and paranormal incidents around the world, a journey that took over thirty years. Through the Mediumship of Reverend Keith Milton Rhinehart, I witnessed soul survival after physical death by communicating with loved ones from the spirit side of life. This began the opening of new vistas of existence and spiritual avenues.

Scales will fall from your eyes and you will see the beauty of life; relationships and families will be anchored in love and acceptance. This is a How-To book to help you create your future and achieve your highest potential.


“This is my first time here, and I have no idea about billets,” I told her.
“Following the service, there will be a demonstration of blindfold psychometry through the medium. If you want a spirit message, you can write a question for a departed family member, friend, or guardian angel or spirit guide to answer,” she explained.

This confused me, but I wanted to experiment. She gave me a pen and a 3 x 5 recipe card; she called it a billet. She instructed me to write a question, then sign my first and last name and hold it to my solar plexus to be imbued with my vibration, and focus on getting an answer. My first question was, “Why have you sent for me?” I did as Bessie told me and put the card or billet into the slot of a large closed plastic box with other cards that she held.

The church service started with the Lord’s Prayer and singing hymns. Reverend Rhinehart entered and was introduced. He had a very warm presence, his slender body looked well groomed, and he had long sideburns and a small goatee. As he stepped up to the podium, his luminous brown eyes scanned the audience as if embracing us, and his loving smile seemed to warm me. His presence awed me. He greeted everyone with a deep, passionate voice and gave an inspiring lecture, none of which I can remember today.

Then the moment I’d been waiting for: time to read the billets. Reverend Rhinehart sat in the chair in front of us. Hymns and chants were sung. He went into trance. (I learned later that trance is an altered state of consciousness that allows his spirit guides to use his brain centers and vocal cords to communicate with us.)

Reverend Rhinehart slumped in his chair; his head dropped to his chest. Suddenly his head jerked up to a straight position, and a voice unlike his own introduced himself as Dr. Robert John Kensington, the medium’s main spirit guide when he was entranced.

Dr. Kensington called for a skeptic from the audience to tape and blindfold the medium’s eyes. He asked the gentleman, “Have you ever looked a dead man in the eyes?” I laughed a bit and felt sorry for the shocked man.

After the medium’s eyes were taped, the skeptic covered the tape with a large white blindfold and tied it with a double knot behind Reverend Rhinehart’s head. His eyes were taped and blindfolded so he could not read the billets with his physical eyes. Then the box with billets (French for ‘note of love’) was placed on a small table in front of the entranced, blindfolded medium.

Messages from spirit guides or departed loved ones in spirit started pouring through the medium to those present in the chapel. I heard messages that proved soul or personality survive after physical death delivered. This seemed unbelievable.

The name of an older woman was called out. A female voice said, “Mom, I love you so much. Sorry I had to go, but my time had come. I helped you pick out that pretty blue dress you are wearing today.” The mother broke into tears.

“That is my daughter’s voice,” she claimed in a quaking voice. “I had picked a green suit to wear and placed it on the bed. When I went to put it on, it flew out of my hands and onto the closet floor. Then a blue dress fell on top of it. That’s why I decided to wear the blue dress.” Through her tears, she sent love to her beloved daughter and asked her to come visit often.
the church, and this astonished her.

“Not only was Teresa stillborn three years ago, but also I just found out I was pregnant again,” the mother said. She joined the foundation and began her studies of the masters’ teachings and communicating with Teresa.
I witnessed many people receive evidence of survival after physical death that day. One after another, individuals from the spirit world brought messages to their loved ones with facts relating to their physical lives through the medium, proving their continued existence and ultimate survival in nonphysical form. Names and birth dates or ‘death’ dates were given to people as further proof.

Suddenly, my turn had come. I heard my name called out and stood by my chair. Through this medium, I heard things from an unseen source about me that I thought no one could know. My racial background and origin were revealed; the name of an ex-lover was given; two incidents when I nearly died but angels saved me were described in detail. This was real phenomenon. Given, I suppose, to assure me this information was coming from a source of higher intelligence from another dimension that could be contacted. It worked!

As I listened to my message, I felt tingling in my head, like bubbles of 7-Up going off in my brain. I was coming alive at last. I never experienced such a strange and yet complete sensation throughout my body. It was like a spiritual orgasm.

Spirit continued, “You can learn to reverse the aging process and become opulent with right thought and right action.” I was given the name of my master teacher so I could contact him in future meditations. I didn’t understand mediumship, psychometry, or anything psychic at the time, but the information continued to flow and thrilled me.

The message closed with the answer to my question, “Many are called, but few are chosen,” he said. This evoked zillions of other questions, beginning with—chosen for what? The answer would have to wait for another time.

Throughout this demonstration, I contemplated the possibility that other dimensions existed. I knew supernatural intelligence existed because it was just proven to me through this medium. It seems I have found the contact needed in my search for reason and purpose.

I joined the church before the end of that day and became initiated into master class to participate in the in-depth study of life here and hereafter.

I cautiously explored the claims and teachings of this church before I accepted them. I had to overcome the preconceived belief I had that churches are filled with religious dogma that was not always true. I swore not to let Reverend Rhinehart’s charisma influence my ability to think critically and to test the validity of the teachings. I know extraordinary claims demand extraordinary evidence. I would be careful.

My journey borders on science fiction; many experiences seem to be beyond present physical reality. I have walked and talked with real masters in flesh and blood during séances and spiritual conventions. I have witnessed the most awe-inspiring miracles. I have been on missions for the masters to help spread the teachings.

To be able to go beyond hope and belief into knowing is the greatest gift of life. Come with me as I revisit my unusual and miraculous soul journey. Perhaps something in my tale will awaken a greater reality in you and help you to expand your awareness and experience the Aha of life.
Discover the meaning of life

  • Principles of truth Spiritual development
  • Commune with departed loved ones
  • Link with your guides and angels
  •  Growth and expression of God with-in
  • Learn truth from Master Teachers

Life is forever, get used to it and make the best of it.







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9780983365082_Fast_Road_To_Happiness-162x269INTRODUCTION to:

FAST ROAD TO HAPPINESS: JOURNEY INTO NOW                                                                                                       

Discover the missing link for healing phobias & fears.

“The great purpose of life is to spend it for something that will outlast it.” William James

This wonderful new book is unlike other books about past lives and reincarnation. It is a How-To book, like a road map to gain knowledge. In addition, there are steps that will allow you to soar through time and space into your own subconscious and past-life memories and experiences. Practice the steps given; the results expand awareness and control of your life, which leads to victory on all levels. Let’s explore the last frontier: the human mind.                       Strap in! Here we go!

When you are through with this book, you will have the necessary keys to regress yourself consciously to release fear, guilt, inappropriate behavior, and heal dysfunctional relationships. This is a self-help source for practical application to heal problems and establish meaningful relationships for you, now. In addition, regression offers the opportunity to reinforce and magnify talents, abilities, enhance good relationships and achieve success.

“Have I lived before” and “Will I live again?” “Why am I here?” These questions are paramount in the minds of those who seek sense in their life. I have spent the last thirty years researching and gathering answers to these questions and many, many more. If you have picked up this book, you were perhaps guided to solutions aimed at creating happiness or serenity. This book is written for you if you want answers or are curious. Perhaps you are a very old soul ready to expand your spiritual nature and find happiness.

You will learn you have lived before and that you are not your body, which is merely a receptacle for your soul. This is my true experience of discovery and enlightenment. I hope that my journey will make yours easier. Be open to accept new concepts in the face of new evidence. This book is written for you the reader, I am speaking to YOU.

Fast Road stands alone as an introduction to conscious regressions, without hypnosis, of not only individuals, but also groups and families–moving back in unison to shared past lives. The reader may use this book to become aware of past or future soul experiences. Use any chapter or exercise that interests you and assists you on the fast road to happiness.

Learn how to break the time, space barriers to release fears and phobias that cause irrational behavior. Overcome anxiety, addiction and/or depression caused from a past life and carried in the subconscious into now. This may be the missing link to healing that Psychologist and the medical field overlook. It delves into spirituality and documented successful conscious past life regressions of individuals

EXCERPTS FROM SIGNED TESTIMONIALS FOR CONSCIOUS PAST LIFE  REGRESSIONS                                                                   BY MARILOU MC INTYRE, DD, Ph.D

“I gained the insight of specifically why my ego had turned away from the Light time after time.” Don J., of Dallas, TX

“Profound illumination and personal evidence hallmark her conscious regression. Her amazing spiritual gifts transcend space and time.” Linda D. of Anchorage, Alaska

“Thank you ever, ever so much for helping me…by your time and patient explanations, and by the comprehension you displayed, to make those first efforts to approach the Masters…”
Allan K., a medical doctor of Boston, Mass.

“The condition for which I have requested this conscious regression is stomach problems. I had died of starvation.” Julie R., of Arlington, TX

“I have had a problem with my left eye for most of my life….My eye stopped watering and hurting with this conscious link with a past life left eye trauma. My eye now feels more open, refreshed and renewed…” Allen J., New York, N.Y.

“A relaxation in my relationship with the other members…I can now lay to rest my feelings of inferiority…” Wesley E., Austin, TX

“…to begin to explode negative karma so that I will be able to develop with more understanding ….It made me more aware of myself and understanding of others in the group and of my feelings and interaction with them…” Marsha L., Honolulu, HI


EXCERPT: Chap. Four: Release & Conquer


Once you have determined the purpose of your meditation and contacted your higher self or a spirit guide, move into another dimension to accomplish your desires. One method is to visualize floating like a cloud out into the blue sky, completely peaceful. Alternatively, you may want to see yourself diving off a cliff into the blue ocean, feeling the water flow through you, cleansing and purifying. It depends on whether you prefer flowing or flying. Either method can help relax and release your attachment to physical limitations, or if neither of these appeals to you, make up and use your own scenario.
You may help your ability to meditate if you learn the location of your chakras (sources of spiritual energy in the body). Try meditating until you see and feel energies pouring through your chakras or body. If you don’t get the desired results right away, don’t worry. It may take time just to clear your chakras and wake them up if you haven’t used them for a long time.
Imagine your chakras as water pipes that you have not used in decades or lifetimes. They have become rusty and corroded because of non-use. Before anything can flow through the pipes again, you must clean them. If you want to expand your awareness, it’s time to attune yourself to universal energies.
Tuning in to your higher self or spiritual nature comes from your inner self. Once you achieve attunement (at-one-ment) with your chakras, you can increase your vibrational level. It will make life much easier if you listen to that wee, small voice. John Milton said in his famous book, Paradise Lost, “The mind is its own place, and in itself can make a Heav’n of Hell, and a Hell of Heav’n.” You create the world you live in by your thoughts and actions. Experiment with changing and improving the quality of life for you and others.
My initial experiments with the concept that thoughts are things that influence one’s life astonished me, as it became so evident that they create our lifestyle, and we are fully responsible for what evolves. I was skeptical when I started, but I figured it was worth trying.
I decided to be adventuresome in spirit and always look for new understandings; and if thoughts were things, the effect would manifest in my life. To begin with, I picked something simple to bring into my life. I maintained a positive attitude and visualized a new plant by my window. In preparation for the appearance of my new plant, I placed a pretty doily on the windowsill where I would put the plant when it appeared. This helped make my visualizations clearer and stronger.
Three days later a friend came over to visit. She was holding a small potted plant. She told me she had been shopping earlier and kept getting the impression that I wanted a plant. At first she ignored it, but finally she gave in and bought a plant for me. I told her what I had been visualizing and affirming. Then I showed her the doily and watched her amazement. I placed the plant on the doily and never again doubted that thoughts are things. If I can prove it, anyone can, because it’s just a matter of using tried and tested methods. Be positive, visualize success, and affirm completion.
I have never forgotten the importance of thinking and being positive. From that day on, I knew I was able to take control and create the conditions of my life. Practice makes perfect, and soon it became second nature and an innate part of conscious reality. Over the years, seemingly miraculous things have occurred making my life easier and happier.
When we don’t understand the cause of something, we call it a miracle. The truth is, miracles are the manifestations of natural causes beyond our understanding. Do not take my word for any of this. Try it and prove it for yourself. I promise that if you stick with it, you will.
Any or all of the methods discussed can help you overcome problems created from the past and help avoid creating new problems. By healing the past and controlling the present, you can create a perfect future of happiness and success on all levels of life. Just as water seeks its own level, find the level you are most comfortable relating to and enjoy, with the curiosity of a child. Experience the meaning of life while striving to rise to a higher level……..                                                               xxxx
Twenty-five years of study and research of Eastern philosophies and communication with departed beings and ascended masters through a genuine medium have taught me truths of life here and hereafter. These truths are from my perspective and experience. I invite you to examine them from your point of view to achieve greater understanding and clarity.
Today mediumship is everywhere. John Edward and James Van Praagh demonstrate communication with the so-called dead on television and write successful books about it. Researchers and authors Joel Martin and Patricia Romanowski wrote in their book, Love Beyond Life–The Healing Power of After-Death Communication, published by Harper-Collins, “Two in five Americans, over four million people, have had contact with the dead. This has been experienced either by a ‘ghostly’ appearance or contact from a loved one in the spirit world, or communication through a genuine medium.”

Use Fast Road to:

Establish and enhance meaningful relationships

Discover new talents and abilities

Achieve success and opulence






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