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A gift of a Past-life reading or Regression (w/0 hypnosis) via phone would make a wonderful gift to start the new year with a clearer consciousness. Set an appointment on Contact Page! Know you or your loved one is healed  because the past life in question is  felt and seen and the cause of the problem is released it consciously.

GREAT NEWS!  Now she can heal  Phobias or irrational behavior with REGRESSION (without hypnosis) via phone for first time in history! Set an appointment on Contact Page!  A Past-life Reading via the phone is done for you with Dr. McIntyre when she taps (reads) into your Akashic Records that will reveal source of problem you are experiencing. For a Regression the doctor will help you get out of your body, travel through time and space to review what caused the present trauma so you can release negative  effect.  A GREAT OPPORTUNITY TO HELP YOUR SELF OR TO GIVE AS A GIFT TO A LOVED ONE HAVING A  PROBLEM.







Affirmation for the year:


Sometimes we must overcome misinformation and dogma before we can move into realms of knowing. If something is true, you can prove and experience it yourself repeatedly. Accept truth for authority, rather than authority for truth. You need to remember this phrase and learn to think for yourself. BELIEVING IS SEEING! Enhance the meaning of life and help others achieve purpose and contentment. Both the skeptic and the truth seeker can glimpse new worlds through my experiences. Surviving and sending love to the world is the greatest gift, but the hardest to receive.


  • Release any phobias or fears carried with you from past lives
  • Realize inspiration and Spiritual Healing for yourself or a loved one
  • Relieve anxieties or depression  in order to move into a happy, successful life
  • Can now conduct Past-Life Regression via the phone to heal Phobias or irrational behavior

Dr. Marilou has traveled the world providing Spiritual Healing and comfort for over 40 years with amazing success. Reincarnation may be the missing link to healing. She will help you overcome fear and anxiety through a past life reading. Her desire to help others radiates through her Divine gift.


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THE FOREVER PRINCIPLES/Listening To An Angel Voice In My Head”  by   MARILOU MCINTYRE, PH.D.

                         SYNOPSIS (excerpt)

   Several months ago I started hearing continuous buzzing in my head. At first I thought I must be going crazy. As one who consciously regresses and prophecies for individuals it is difficult to always be here now. Traveling through many dimensions in my higher self is disconcerting and sometimes difficult to be anchored in the present. In trying to determine what was wrong with me, I tried to self-analyze the nature of this phenomenon in my head. I don’t have headaches or even excess wax in my ears and feel just great. Whatever could be causing this buzzing?
    Then one day it happened. I heard as clear as possible a voice saying “I was young once a couple hundred centuries ago.” The voice introduced herself as a spirit guide for me named, “Forever”. Thus started the most incredible months of communications from the guide’s level of consciousness to the author. This ancient being delivered principles and information regarding techniques for living a healthy, wealthy, happy life and achieving ultimate goals that are successful. Once this was completed to her satisfaction she embarked on some of her experiences and adventures through the ages regarding amazing concepts and sharing ideas she had accumulated. In the following months I transcribed her words that told of events about harmonizing with nature and nature spirits to her witnessing the creation of this planet, Earth, and the humans on it.
   It is difficult for me to determine if this technique of communicating makes the information non-fiction or fiction. It’s true, non-fiction, to Forever but wondrously imaginative fiction, to me. As the reader moves through this journey it will be up to him or her to decide. At least it presents food for thought and perhaps breaks down barriers that have previously been locked in a belief system to present out of the box techniques for living.
    Being inspired by this communication I’ve added some meaningful quotes from some of the wise people here to uplift, inspire and help people overcome problems and discover the beauty of life here and hereafter.
As the pseudo-author I hope this expands consciousness and provides nourishment to the soul to ultimately break free and find purpose and truth. I affirm long life and happiness to all.

I hope to move you, the reader, beyond religious dogma and into spiritual truths, natural laws, and principles that can reverse the aging process and enhance life on all levels. In addition, How-to steps that create health, wealth and happiness in one’s life were what the fluttering Angel said to me. I am passing her wisdom on to anyone with the eyes to see and the ears to hear.

“May be the most insightful read of the year.”  By Miboy  “This is Dr McIntyre’s third book, and it does not disappoint. She cuts right to the point of the human failures that have and continue to plague our spiritual journey and road to enlightenment. Whether you view this work as an allegory or a record of history, the truths contained therein are shockingly on point, and deliver a precise analysis of which human virtues demand attention now. You should not go another day without reading this!”

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To know that the soul survives the physical death experience, because you have talked to the so-called dead, releases the fear of death, the last enemy to be conquered. What else is there to fear? Nothing. The new frontier of consciousness is other dimensions of existence. We can be freed through knowledge. The biblical saying that “Truth will set you free” can be your light on the path to God. The expression, “May the Force be with you,” is a true blessing. Go right to the heart or essence of spirituality–the true life force. We are so much more than our bodies. We are eternal and divine souls housed for a while in physical bodies. I will explain how you will know in this book.

Exciting and stimulating reading for the Truth seeker. This book was written by an eye witness and backed by years of scientific research. If you have ever wondered about life after death, immortality, Spiritual Healing, Mediumship, and survival of the personality after so called death then you must read this book. It is time for humanity to awaken from it’s destiny both collectively and as individuals. I would recommend this book to both the novice and the experienced researcher. Kathleen, Miami Springs



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Discover missing link for healing phobias & fears.

“The great purpose of life is to spend it for something that will outlast it.” William James

This wonderful book is unlike other books about past lives and reincarnation. It is a How-To book, like a road map to gain knowledge. In addition, there are steps that will allow you to soar through time and space into your own subconscious and past-life memories and experiences. Practice the steps given; the results expand awareness and control of your life, which leads to victory on all levels. Let’s explore the last frontier: the human mind.                       Strap in here we go!

When you are through with this book, you will have the necessary keys to regress yourself consciously to release fear, guilt, inappropriate behavior, and heal dysfunctional relationships. This is a self-help source for practical application to heal problems and establish meaningful relationships for you, now. In addition, regression offers the opportunity to reinforce and magnify talents, abilities, enhance good relationships and achieve success.

“Have I lived before” and “Will I live again?” “Why am I here?” These questions are paramount in the minds of those who seek sense in their life. I have spent the last thirty years researching and gathering answers to these questions and many, many more. If you have picked up this book, you were perhaps guided to solutions aimed at creating happiness or serenity. This book is written for you if you want answers or are curious. Perhaps you are a very old soul ready to expand your spiritual nature and find happiness.

You will learn you have lived before and that you are not your body, which is merely a receptacle for your soul. This is my true experience of discovery and enlightenment. I hope that my journey will make yours easier. Be open to accept new concepts in the face of new evidence. This book is written for you the reader, I am speaking to YOU.

Fantastic books, Life is Forever, Get Used To It and Fast Road to Happiness: Journey Into Now! Wow, should be on the required reading list in high school. Wish I had this information many years ago, however, it is never too late. Reading these books has improved my life, no doubt about it. I am still reading them too, each time I learn more. Bless you Doctor Marilou McIntyre for sharing your life and learning.
Kathy, New Jersey, USA


Aura picture: Interpretation by Belle Star, the Psychic Photographer

“The deep bright blue is her Sacred Place, and draws people with problems to her to help solve. She helps others through her great compassion. Very Shamanistic, but beyond most because of the compassion she expresses. Two pink areas represent Shaman Drums  (with compassion). Deep red, very intuitive and psychic nature and ability. Must share information how to move from judgment to compassion. She’s moving forward…flowering of Spirituality. She sees Truth and needs of others with her eyes. She is correct in things she says to
others, even if she is not su
re.  She allows Spirit to flow.”aura